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Williams and Blakely

School Counselor's

  • Audra Blakely
  • Melonese Williams

We have two counselors at J.C. Parks Elementary School - Ms. Blakely and Ms. Williams. Ms. Blakely is the intermediate counselor and Ms. Williams is the primary counselor. It is their first year at our school. Ms. Blakely graduated from West Virginia Tech with a Bachelor's degree in Printing Technology. Later, she received her Master's of Education in School Counseling from Liberty University. Ms. Williams graduated from Loyola University with her Master's of Education in School Counseling. Both of them are excited to get to know the families and students, and are grateful for this opportunity.

Do you know about our Character Education Program?

It is our goal here at J. C. Parks to not create a good character education program but rather to create a culture of good character.  Our motto here is to teach our students the three R’s … to be respectful, responsible and ready to learn which gives them the power of excellence! The Core Essentials Character Education Program fits nicely into this effort because each of the traits is an example of one or more of the R’s.  We incorporate the core values into everything we do and our entire staff is involved in this effort. One value is taught each month!


The Charles County Public School System is committed to providing an environment that is free of harassment / bullying where students and adults can work and learn.  Classroom guidance lessons on bullying/harassment are taught each year.  The definition, the consequences, the effects and response behaviors are discussed.

Parents are encouraged to have a dialogue with their child(ren) about bullying/harassment.  Don't hesitate to call if there are questions or concerns.

Tri-County Counseling

Our school is fortunate to have both our school counselor and Mrs. Felicia Fewell, a licensed counselor from Tri-County Counseling, available to help our students. Mrs. Fewell is available to work with students who require more in-depth counseling than what Ms. Blakely and Ms. Williams can provide. Any student can be referred for any reason, such as grief, depression, and others. If you have any questions or if you would like your child to receive counseling from Tri-County, please reach out to our counselors for more information.